Becoming Christ- Free

Becoming Christ- Free

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Becoming Christ By Philip Helmintoller

   He has made a way for you to be free from your past...FOREVER!!! Think of how different your world will be after all of your past sins are gone and you are able to look in the mirror and see someone who is pleasing to God. Think of what it would be like to never again be reminded of your shortcomings by Satan. In fact, Satan won't have the ability to ever bother you again about anything. Could what I'm saying be the truth? Come and see for yourself. The Word of God gives us all the answers to these questions and so many more. We just need to be willing to receive it.

    Becoming Christ is a book that will free you from your past and give you a start to a brand new future. Take a chance! Don't wait! Its time you started living a life of freedom!

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