Are you living financially free? Find the power of biblical financial freedom through the power of God.

A Life of Unlimited Increase

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By Philip Helmintoller

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Biblical financial freedom comes through acting on his word both naturally and spiritually. Acting on his word is the natural act that will get you no where if faith and its application is not used in conjunction with the natural act. This is the key to every verse in the word of God. Are you living financially free? Are you living free from sickness? Are you living as if you living in heaven is already a reality? This message will help tie those small things together so that you may see the manifestation of grace and inheritance through Jesus Christ. Key points to focus on when pursuing financial freedom through God is: 

  • What does God say about your finances? 
  • What does your circumstances say about your finances? 
  • What does God say about your health? 
  • What does your body say about your health?

These are two examples of truth and conflict of truth with your reality. But they are the constant questions you should be asking before you can align them with his word. 


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