Philip and Michelle Helmintoller

Philip Helmintoller

Philip Helmintoller is the founder of International Partners of Prayer, IPOP Productions, and IPOP Publishing. Philip's mission in life is to preach the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Anointing that he is walking in. (Luke 4:18-19) To administer the Will of the Lord as He directs him to. To bring an out pouring of the Holy Ghost, with fire, back to His People. To change Christians lives, by changing the way they think about themselves through the Word. And to help prepare the Body of Christ, for His soon return.

Philip was saved August 23, 1984, at a Revival meeting in Mobile, Alabama. As a pastor’s son, he had the privilege of sitting under some of the greatest Baptist ministers of our time. Men of God like; Jack Green, Ralph Sexton, Larry Winkler, Oliver B. Green and Dr. Harold Sightler. However, the men who most influenced his spiritual walk was Smith Wigglesworth and Dr. Creflo Dollar.

Recognized everywhere for his life changing revelation and no nonsense approach to the Word, he empowers people to experience freedom from sin and the condemnation that comes with that sin. Thousands have been physically healed and restored financially.

Philip is a renowned speaker and author, with thousands of books, CD’s and messages distributed around the world.

His goal always is to deliver a message of simplicity to the Body of Christ, for the purpose of them being freed from religious bondage. He is most known for preaching the same message Jesus preached while He was here… "Jesus is the Christ" (Acts 10:36-38).

“I want only one thing in this life, to fulfill His will… in all things. My life can be simplified so easily that way. I am not of this world, in the exact same way He is not of this world. When He has completed His work in me, I’m going Home. Until then however, may He be lifted high by the life I live. All Glory be to Him!”

-Philip Helmintoller

Michelle Helmintoller

Michelle is a celebrated singer and song writer, whose heart is for leading His people in worship. Together with her husband, Philip Helmintoller, she travels and ministers to the body of Christ around the world.

She began her walk with the Lord at the age of 8 with an unusual passion for outreach, missions and a heart of worship. After sitting down at the piano for only a month, God took her fingers and began teaching her worship. At 12 years old, Michelle was diagnosed with Cancer. She had an 8.5 pound tumor in her liver that had gone unnoticed for her entire life. The doctors had little hope of survival. BUT, “…with His stripes we ARE healed.” Isaiah 53:5. And that is what happened. God protected her as the cancer was removed.

“You’re always going to have people give you their opinion, especially the so called experts. But I just need His Word! He is my creator and my Lord. He is all I’ll ever need. Oh how wonderful He is to me.”

-Michelle Helmintoller

Michelle is the founder of W-I-N, (Women Impacting Nations) through this ministry; she inspires and leads other women through the everyday struggles of life and relationships. Her influence continues to expand in this and so many other endeavors. She is also the overseer of the ministries web-development and out-reach programs.


Michelle’s primary focus in life is that of her family and relationship with The Lord Jesus. Michelle and her husband have six children and reside in Florida.